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3663 Main St

Oakley, Ca. 94561

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-Step into History-


The building that our salon now calls home has quite a captivating history. It was constructed in 1923, making it over a century old! 


From housing various businesses to observing the city's growth and evolution, this historic gem has truly stood the test of time.


Now, it serves as the backdrop for our innovative salon, where old-world charm meets modern creativity.  We feel honored to carry on this enduring spirit and invite you to join us in celebrating its timeless allure. 


When you enter, take a moment to discover the nostalgic charm of the "old" building. Look for hidden surprises, like a door that leads nowhere covered with a mirror, or a random window perfectly placed in the middle of the salon, now covered by gorgeous macramé wall piece. You might even find a lid to a soup can! 


We can't wait to welcome you at Jade & Co. Salon and create beautiful hair together in this remarkable space!

Parking lot is available next to salon. Additional street parking in front of the salon and on Main & Third St. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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